Rihanna Moving Out of Stalker-Plagued, Burglarized L.A. Mansion


Rihanna's personal realtors Lee Mintz and Patrick Michael (L.A. Estate Rentals) also tell us, it's true ... Rihanna scrammed to avoid any further incidents.

There are moving trucks at Rihanna's Pacific Palisades house right now ... taking all of her stuff away after what amounts to a crime spree on her property.

Trespassers, stalkers and attempted burglars have all been arrested at or near the property over the last few months.

A source close to Rihanna tells TMZ ... the singer hasn't been at the house for more than 2 months, but the last of her stuff is being taken away today.

The source wanted us to do the story ... to spread the word to would-be criminals -- SHE'S GONE.

As for where Rihanna is going, we're told she's getting another place in L.A., but she'll be spending most of her time in New York.

via TMZ.